'Butta Breath' takes you on an expedition through the soul with work that is laced with intrigue, emotion, authentic bass lines, cutting edge drums, and impacting arrangements. Die-Rek is definitely an artist well beyond his time.

Every song is a tale of its own and addresses themes of foundation, sacrifice, triumph and ultimately reign.  'Butta Breath' the EP is true "heart and soul" music. The project bears no trace of compromise and holds true to the very essence of that genuine classic era of hip hop.

Die-Rek’s defining tone and thought provoking lyricism combined on this 90% sample free project stands as a testament to the authenticity of the one of a kind rhythmic edge his work embodies.

It's a song of revolution and precision- 'Butta Breath'

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'Butta Breath' Pre-Order Now Available

"Butta Breath" 6.26.2012 is available through:

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CD - Fat Beats Amazon + Sphere Of Hip Hop + UGHH 

single "Get Up" off of upcoming EP 'Butta Breath'

"Get Up" comes packed with a message for both the realist and dreamer. An anthem that ignites defiance of the status quo, a rise above monotony and push to simply arrest ones purpose and live it. 

From the smooth production to the razor sharp lyricism and well pieced features this collaboration will move you.



Check out this footage from the Beat Binjaz show last week in Hamilton- opening for Oddisee...Enjoy!




Official 'Remember' VIDEO

Die-Rek releases The Official "Remember" Video as an experience you can't deny.  An exhibition of Die-Rek's most recent single "Remember".  The visuals are a direct reflection of the cool-headed and reminiscent impression this track leaves in its soulful production, relatable and ultimately undeniable lyrical content.


REMEMBER (Single and DJ Pack)